Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 3: A Stability Ball Tries to Kill Me and I Defeat a Restaurant!

So, Day 3. I've made it. At last. Sorry that I didn't get this posted earlier. It's been a crazy day. However, despite everything I did really good today and I'm very proud of myself.

It kind of got off to a late start. I wasn't able to go to sleep last night, and spent all night rolling around the bed trying to will my brain to shut up so I could sleep. Around 6:30 AM I was literally laying there repeating, “Sleep... must sleep...” It looked something like this:

I finally drifted off around 8am, and LUCKILY I managed to sleep til around 11am. Yes, I am totally thankful for my three hours of sleep. However, I will not allow a little lack of sleep to keep me from doing what I said I was gonna do. I got up, ate breakfast (oatmeal, bleh) and decided to get right to the workout. My friend dropped off one of her old stability balls while she was over here earlier this week so I'd have something fun to do. I rolled around on the ball trying to find my center of balance, did some ab exercise, and some push-ups, and squats... then came leg lifts...

I was actually kind of enjoying the exercise (yep, I said it, enjoying EXERCISE). At least I was until this happened:

Apparently, this particular stability ball is possessed and half way through a leg lift it slung me flat on my ass off the back of itself. That's the story I'm going with anyway. I don't really know of any other way to explain what happened. I mean, I'm a totally coordinated person. I only fall down the stairs once a month or so, and all those walls just keep jumping out in front of me to be dicks. Since I'm now kinda terrified of the demon stability ball, I finished out my workout with a set of Callenetics and did a little biking on my stationary bike while watching TV. So, despite Satan “Stability Ball” Lucifer's best attempts, I had a good workout!

So, I'm supposed to be starting a new job next Tuesday, and said job e-mailed me some stuff I have to print off and return prior to starting. Well, naturally, my printer is all jacked up. So, I ran over to my Aunt's house to print it off. I knew they planned on going out to dinner that night, so I figured I'd run over there and get it done before they left, and then head back home to eat my sensibly planned meal. NOPE. Instead, they wanted me to go to dinner with them. I'm pretty sure I looked something like this:

Yeah. I almost had a panic attack right there on the spot. Seriously? You want me to go out to dinner at a restaurant and eat? I'm on a diet, and we all know that I'm on a diet because I make really poor decisions when it comes to food. SHIT!

There was no getting out of it though, so I tagged along determined to make a responsible choice. I opened up the menu and poured through the selections. My Uncle gave me sage advice to “Just cheat a little tonight and get right back on track tomorrow.” I know he meant well, and I harbor no ill feelings about it, but realistically that was the downfall of every “diet” I have ever done in the past. I think “Oh, I'll do this tonight, and I'll workout extra tomorrow and eat a few less calories, it'll be fine.” Then I spend whatever is left of the day stuffing my face with whatever fat food I can find. Then come tomorrow, I think I can do that all over again, until it reaches a point that I have forgotten I was on a diet to begin with. Nope. Not this time. I looked, and looked.... and looked until I found something healthy. I decided to order “Veggie Fajita's”.

Yeah. I so wanted the 3,000 + calorie option, but I stuck to my guns and ordered the lighter meal. I'm actually kind of proud of myself.  By the way, they were actually really good, and I felt just as full as if I had eaten the 3,000 + calorie option.

My Dinner

All in all, it was a pretty successful day.

Near death experiences: 1
# of restaurants survived: 1
Hours of Sleep: 3
Level of exhaustion: 10

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