Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 2: I survive a store and being attacked by a dog!

So, after posting last night my brain continued it's efforts to assault me into going and getting a beverage super-saturated with caffeine and sugar. I'm happy to say it failed, but it was one hell of a fight. 

First I had to convince myself that I was responsible enough to handle a trip to the store to buy something to beat the headache, and ONLY something to defeat the headache. 

Because this is what I imagined a trip to the store to look like:

Then I actually had to go to the store and get it, and this is what it actually looked like:

The good news is, I conquered the store. I made it out with nothing more than my Super-Duper-Migraine-Reducer.

Which is why I made it to the gym today. I did 45 minutes of cardio. Go Me!

I decided that for strength training today I would do Callenetics at home, which is this old exercise program my Mom used to do which works small miracles. Really! Not only do they trim and tone your body in amazing ways, the woman who invented them created them to alleviate back pain. This is a major plus for me since my back hurts all the time because apparently my boobs are, like, one of fat's favorite places to live (which isn't as great as some people would think). If anyone is interested, I use Callentics: 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours. It just happens to be the one Mom had. I haven't tried the others, but I'm betting they are great too. You can find it on Amazon here.

But, back to the story of today.

So, I get home, make lunch, rest awhile, and decide I better do the Callenetics before my motivation melts completely. So I get to the ab section, which you do in the floor, and merrily begin:

My dog, in his infinite wisdom, decides that since I'm in the floor it's time to play.

And runs off to get his ball (unbeknownst to me).

And jumps right in onto the center of my chest and shoves the ball in my face. This is what I see:

So, in addition to my ab workout, I got a face full of dog slobber, and learned the only way to complete the exercise is to LOCK the DOG out of the ROOM!

The rest of the day was rather boring, so I won't go into detail. We'll just head into today's breakdown.

# of meltdown's: 0
# of dog attacks: 1
# of cheats: 0
# of Super-Duper-Migraine-Reducer's taken: Well above average dose.
Pain Scale: 0 I'm feeling pretty damn good today!

Anyone who is interested:  This is what my dog Tino actually looks like, and as you can see, he has no respect for personal space... AT ALL!


  1. In referance to the final pic:
    Awwww, he looks like he's trying to get to the camera.... like he sees something he wants to get to ;)

  2. Yeah, I think he was after my snack actually. He thinks if I eat it, it must be something he would want. I think it was broccoli and carrots. I'm sure if I had offered it to him he would have totally eaten it to. He's kind of a strange animal.